Entertainment Schedule

2021 Schedule
The 2021 entertainment scheduling is underway.  If you or your band are interested in performing this year, please contact our entertainment coordinator -- Mike Swenson -- at 701-516-3472.
July 22
11am Suzuki School of Music
12pm  Sleepy Hollow preview - Footloose
1pm Bismarck Mandan Symphony Orchestra players
2pm Capital Shakespeare preview - Julius Ceasar
6pm Sugar Break
7pm  The SwenTones

July 29
11am Miss Sparkles - Bismarck Public Library
12pm Rob Dixon
1pm YMCA Middle Eastern Dance Group
2pm Strolling Strings
6pm Phil McMahon & Jordan Bernhagen
7pm Prairie Road

August 5
11am  Shade Tree Players - The Rainbowfish Musical
12pm  Andrew Larivee
1pm Shade Tree Players - The Rainbowfish Musical
6pm Wildly Appropriate
7pm GreenBoots

Aug 12
11am KittyKo
12pm Rod Morasch
1pm TruNorth Theatre
2pm Northern Plains Dance - Dance Class
6pm The Prairie Wranglers
7pm Shaky Calls
Dakota Media Access (DMA) records selected live performances throughout the Urban Harvest season and broadcasts them for community viewing.  For past performances and more information, please check out this page on their website!