2022 Vendors

Here are some of our 2022 vendors - please check back each week to see new additions!



Coconut's Crown Jewels - products for your stuffed animals, scrunchies, etc.

African Nomad - handmade jewelry

Butterfly Body Art

Sweet January - engraved journals, wall hangings, night lights, earrings, etc.

Cuts By Carl - Handmade wool dreadlock extensions

Rosey Glow Candles/Crabapple Floral

Bismarck Bucks - players, info, ticket giveaways

God's Child Project - handmade purses, bags, jewelry, coffee, clothes, etc.

Hospice of the Red River Valley

The Good Company - t-shirts, earrings, sticks, etc. with a good message

S Blueprints - t-shirts, decals, stickers

31:8 - handing out information and selling merchandice/swag

YESS (Youth Empowering Social Status) - photos from local students

Unreal Tats - tempoary tattoos of all kinds for all ages

Simple Sugar - naturally flavored cotton candies

Prairie Moon Studio - salves, creams, crystals, jams, jellies

Serenity Soaps and Lotions - shampoo bars, bath bombs, soaps, lotions

Trailblazing Communications Readings - body communication

Many Visions

Butch Thunderhawk Arts

Shawn Kaiser Pottery

Dwight at Skyline Ranch - fresh local produce



Fireflour Pizza


African Nomad

Tim Dandy BBQ


Gideon's Brewing

Mr. Soul Roll

Mabel's All Day


Plus, as always, fantastic fresh food from local farmers!